This event is organized by a few core members of the New York City BSD Users Group. They see a need to raise awareness of the BSD UNIX Operating Systems, promote the idea of community among the NYC user and developer base, provide an opportunity to meet prominent people in the BSD world, learn new things, and of course.. to have fun.

While NYCBUG is, truly, made up of all the members, the core group members behind this conference, with the help of others, are:

  • George Rosamond
  • Hans Zaunere
  • Michael Welsh
  • Isaac "Ike" Levy
  • Okan Demirmen

We would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make this happen. We especially would like to thank Columbia University for such a great space and Angelos Keromytis for arranging it.

If you need to contact NYCBSDCon please drop an email to the
nycbsdcon dot org domain with the address info.


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