The New York City BSD Conference

We would like to extend a warm thanks to all conference attendees, speakers and sponsors. We were thrilled with the outcome of NYCBSDCon 2008, and look forward to NYCBSDCon 2010.

It is clear that NYCBSDCon earned a fundamental role in the *BSD community: bringing together users, systems administrators and developers of the BSD projects, with a healthy forum for all the projects for cross-pollination and discussion. Names were connected to faces and developers from different BSD projects swapped insights and experiences.

Speaker presentations are being posted, so be sure to check back periodically.

Over the coming weeks, we will notify you as to the status of the conference videos. Huge thanks to Thomas and Will Backman for their efforts.

The conference audio is available here, with thanks to Nikolai Fetissov:

Be sure to see Will Backman's podcasts from the conference at Will also has audio tracks recorded by him and his brother at - thanks guys!.

Check out some of the pictures taken at this year's conference:

For write-ups and reviews of the conference, here are some useful links:

Let us know if you have others you'd like us to host or link.

See you in 2010!

NYCBSDCon 2008 organizers and the New York City *BSD User Group

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  • datapipe
  • sun
  • nyi
  • datagram
  • fbsdfoundation
  • usenix
  • ixsystems
  • pearson

  • loftmail
  • pcengines
  • columbia nsl
  • bsd cert
  • bsd mag
  • nyphp
  • itac
  • gufi
  • opensolaris