The New York City *BSD Conference (NYCBSDCon) is a premier technical conference on the US East Coast for the *BSD community to get together to share and gain knowledge, to network with like-minded people, and to have fun. This event is organized by members of the New York City *BSD User Group (NYC*BUG). Beginning in 2014, NYCBSDCon is shifting its focus to theme-based day conferences. The theme for this conference is 'The BSDs in Production.'

There are two parts to this call for participation: presentations for the conference's single track, and for project exposés (to be conducted during lunch time).

The NYCBSDCon program committee is accepting submissions for imaginative, informative, and energizing presentations surrounding the *BSD operating systems and fit well with the event's overarching theme. The event intends to be a showcase for the *BSD operating systems both to the *BSD community and to the wider New York City technical community.

Intended audience: Along with bringing the BSD community together, this conference aims to reach out beyond the *BSD community. We aim to expose the richness, maturity, clarity, and influential nature of BSD UNIX to a wider technical audience. This is not manifest as pandering to 'convert' users of other operating systems, but instead, to set a tone and example which simply exposes the greatness of the BSD family of operating systems.

The expected audience may be comprised of Linux and Solaris veterans, as well as *BSD people, OS users and developers alike. With that, it is important to keep in mind that your presentation will be heard by technical people who may never have actually used BSD UNIX, or at least not recently. Each talk is expected to be 45-50 minutes, including a few minutes for questions and answers. All presentations will be recorded for audio and video. Presenters will have audio/visual and network connectivity.

NYCBSDCon will also be hosting a series of project exposés: demonstrations of BSD-based projects from developers and implementers. This is the perfect opportunity to get users interested and involved, and showcase your BSD project to a wider audience. Project exposés will be presented during the buffet lunch and are designed to be brief and informal conversations while the conference attendees roam around during lunch time.

Authors of accepted submissions must be able to provide the full presentation for publication on NYCBSDCon sponsored mediums. Further instructions will follow notification of acceptance. Submissions accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement or a product advertisement will be rejected. Project exposés must be liberally licensed projects.

Abstract submissions should be emailed to cfp AT nycbsdcon DOT org in text, ps, or pdf format. Please note in your subject header if your submission is a presentation or an exposé.

Conference Location: Suspenders Restaurant, 111 Broadway (between Pine St. and Thames St.), New York, NY.

Important milestones:

  • Nov 18 CFP/CFE Released
  • Dec 17 CFP Deadline
  • Dec 26 Notification of Accepted and Rejected Presentations
  • Jan 15 CFE Deadline
  • Jan 20 Notification of Accepted and Rejected Exposés

For questions, concerns, or comments, please contact us at info AT nycbsdcon DOT org.