Sponsorship Opportunities

NYCBSDCon is a great opportunity to connect with a talented audience of technical people based in the New York City metropolitan area.

If you are interested in sponsoring NYCBSDCon, please contact info AT nycbsdcon DOT org.


  Gold Silver Small Business
Commitment $1500 $750 $100
Tabling Opportunity 2 ft x 5 ft table or similar 2 ft x 2 ft table fliers on shared table
Conference Passes 2 1 0
Video on Display up to three minutes long up to one minute long n/a
Logo on Display exclusive on shared display on shared display
Logo on NYCBSDCon.org Large Medium Medium


The above table provides a guideline for sponsors. There are other sponsorship opportunities by covering a meal, travel and/or accomodations for speakers or open bar for conference attendees after the event concludes. Contact us with any questions.

Note that the sponsor fees are low by any other conference's standards, including our past ones. Small business sponsorships are meant for small entities who otherwise do not normally have available marketing opportunities.

Tabling Opportunities

The tables will be set adjacent to the main seating area. We can be flexible with space for Gold and Silver sponsors, to some extent, depending on what is available.

Video and Logo Display

The facility is equipped with synchronized LCDs around the entire location, including in the area where the food and beverages will be provided. Gold and Silver sponsors can provide videos which will be played during intermissions including lunch. Contact us for more details.

Logo on NYCBSDCon Website

Logos will reside for the long-term on the web site, as past conference web sites illustrate. Please provide either PNG or JPEG images, or we can adjust vectored graphics appropriately.

Money Matters

Sponsorships are the means by which we keep the costs of the conference accessible to as many people as possible. In the event we make a profit, all proceeds are donated between the four BSD projects, as we have done in the past.